"A Waste"

HALAN's latest song, a dark electronic ballad, is now out on all streaming platforms.


EP: Best Intentions

HALAN's debut dark pop EP is now out on all streaming platforms. Check out and follow her on the platforms below to stay informed about music video releases, bloopers and more!




HALAN is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. She was the vocalist in various 80's rock cover bands and in an original theatrical metal band, before finally pursuing her own solo dark pop project in 2019. She writes, performs, produces and records all the songs in her bedroom studio. Her music influences include The Weeknd, Tame Impala, Meg Myers, Massive Attack, and Author & Punisher.

Best Intentions is HALAN’s debut EP. The four-track EP is dark and melancholic and addressed to four people she had romantically crossed paths with. She recorded the EP in various cramped closets of her apartment after her roommates moved out during the coronavirus lockdown, leaving her and her diminutive cat Pea-Pea. HALAN filmed, directed and produced music videos for the EP singles “Best Intentions,” and “I Don’t Know You.” Both music videos were filmed in her apartment, in single takes. 

"[In the EP], HALAN grapples with [...] raw emotions against a series of gloomy electro-pop soundscapes, showcasing her towering vocals and ability to manipulate trip-hop styled beats as a healing mechanism." - Look At My Records!

"'Best Intentions' — track and EP — is a strong and essential launch for HALAN." - Girl Underground

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