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'Memory Car' is HALAN's first collaboration, with French artists Haisten and MIZU and released through label Get The Sound. This is a nostalgic song about first love.

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HALAN's Dark Electronic Playlist

Check out some of HALAN's recent releases as well as some of her major artistic influences, like Rufus Du Sol, etc.

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​HALAN is an electronic music producer and singer-songwriter from Singapore, currently based in Los Angeles. She made her debut releases in 2020 in the dark pop genre as a fledgling producer, starting with "I Don't Know You" and ending with "A Waste," a depressive ballad to send off a terrible year. In 2021, she reconnected with her love for strong dance beats and released songs like 'Can't Rely on You' and 'Little More' as she evolves to find the sweet spot between dark pop and dance music.

In 2022, she will pair her warm, nostalgic vocals and her bold dance production style as inspired by Rufus Du Sol, Tinlicker and Lastlings, to deliver dark and sensual EDM songs as she finally finds the sound she's been seeking as a producer and singer-songwriter.

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Dead Good Music

"Having cranked up the BPM, ‘Little More’ becomes a straight up dance number that batters its way through the speakers. Its scuzzy synths pierce the ears with pinpoint precision, filling the room with an old school, Chemical Brothers tone that sinks into the mind."

Talk About Pop Music

"['Little More' has an] early 80’s sound coupled with a hard-nosed electro dance arena with synth sounds and a pumping beat that perfectly compliments her vocal talent."


"When you love writing music that is sad, it tends to go slower and is muscled up through grumbling angst. It’s good to keep working on the craft of writing a song that feels danceable. Dancing is the antidote to being sad."

Look At My Records!

"[In the EP], HALAN grapples with [...] raw emotions against a series of gloomy electro-pop soundscapes, showcasing her towering vocals and ability to manipulate trip-hop styled beats as a healing mechanism."

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