A dark dance pop song

I changed my sound this year because I really miss dancing at concerts and I love myself a good electronic beat. Hope you like this bop as much as I do <3




HALAN is an electronic music producer and singer-songwriter from Singapore, currently based in Los Angeles. Prior to starting her solo music project in late 2019, she was the vocalist in various 80's rock cover bands and an original theatrical metal band. She grew up learning classical piano but now write, record and produce songs in her home studio under the supervision of her cat Pea Pea (short for Peanut, not the male genitalia).

She made her debut releases in 2020 that were in the alt-pop genre, starting with "I Don't Know You" and ending with "A Waste," a depressive ballad to send off a terrible year. In 2021, she reconnected with her love for strong dance beats and the original goal of this project, which was to make electronic music. The songs upcoming this summer will take a dark spin to electronic dance pop, with brooding melodies, sad lyrics and beats that make you want to move your body.


"[In the EP], HALAN grapples with [...] raw emotions against a series of gloomy electro-pop soundscapes, showcasing her towering vocals and ability to manipulate trip-hop styled beats as a healing mechanism." Look At My Records!

"'Best Intentions' — track and EP — is a strong and essential launch for HALAN." Girl Underground


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